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Neighbor's New Dog

Posted by Eileen Miller on October 5, 2016 at 10:45 AM

It's nice to see that our new neighbors just got a dog for their family.  Nevertheless, their dog has a similar temperament as our dog and there is no fence in between our houses.  We've always kept our dog on a leash outside and she has been fine.  They are doing the same thing.  It would be nice if our dogs can be friends but they are both watch dogs too.  I worry that they will get into a fight if one gets loose and wanders into the other neighbor's yard.

If one dog hurts the other dog, then some animosity may arise between us as neighbors.  This has made friendly neighborly realities more difficult.  I'm sure they would have thought of this when buying their dog.  They went and bought the dog anyway.  I homeschool my son and he is with our dog all day.  In fact, he loves Bella.  Their children go to public school and were very excited to buy a new dog.  I would never want their dog to hurt our dog or our dog to hurt their dog.

Does anyone know what we could do to help this situation?  Should we put up a fence between our houses?  I'm not sure how to train our dog regarding relationships with other animals.  She seems to have an animal instinct in her to defend her territory.  Someone recommended to buy a professional trainer to help the dogs co-habit in the same territory.  Does anyone have any recommendations?

We are pretty diligent to put our dog on a leash when we walk her.  I had to call animal control once when our other neighbors wouldn't control their dog.  Ever since, they have kept their fence closed when their dog is in their yard.  This has been very beneficial.  A fence is so good to have but so expensive.  It would be an asset to have one.

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