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HHS mandate threatens Religious freedom

Posted by Eileen Miller on February 7, 2012 at 6:35 AM

Our first and foremost beneficial freedom for all is the first amendment to the Bill of Rights on religious freedom.  The new HHS mandate imposed by the Obama administration is the first time in our nations history this amendment is being trampled upon by requiring all faith-based institutions to pay for coverage of abortifacient drugs, sterilization and contraceptives even though it violates the tenets of their faith.


Certain individuals are pro-choice - right?  It is their own private and personal choice to take contraceptives, get sterilized, abort a new life growing within them, or to be intimate with a man (even outside of marriage).  If it is their own personal private choice that no one else sould interfere with, than it should be their own personal money that finances any of these choices.  Especially when others who are pro-life believe these practices to be foolish, dangerous, unethical, immoral, and violent.  Pro-lifers should not be forced to subsidize these unnatural, destructive, and selfish behaviors and procedures.


Pregnancy is not to be thought of as an illness one can find an anecdote for through the application of medical procedures or medicine.  It is a beautiful, natural, and important process designed by God to bring new life into the world.  Therefore, medical practices and health insurance for pregnant mothers should always work toward improving and assisting in the attainment of healthy lives for both baby and mother.


Abortion is not only murder, against my faith, and against the first amendment but should remain reserved for only those who have no issue partaking in its services or living too promiscuously - even outside of marriage.  Christians don't force non-christians to support their churches or force all women to be chaste.  We give others the freedom needed to search for the truth.  As pro-choicers say, "it is my choice in my own private affair."  Well, let's keep it as your choice and your affair so as not to violate the innocent persons conscience.  I choose no part of abortion or promescuity in my life nor anyone else's for that matter.  Nevertheless, I do not force others to adopt or subsidize my religious beliefs.


We need to allow all people the freedom to choose to be pro-life and eliminate forcing them to support these procedures that violate their conscience.  Being pro-life is more than a moral good.  It encompasses one's perception about life to be in line with their whole purpose for living on this earth:  to know, love, and serve.


In order to know, love, and serve the new life growing inside a mother, she must choose to give birth to him or her.  Otherwise, she will never be able to get to know, nor love, nor serve her child.  Abortion ignores the dignity of a human person which is intricately tied to a new life's whole purpose for living.  It prevents a child from establishing, fulfilling, and attaining that dignity through purposeful living.  No wonder it is such a priority to be pro-life in many religions.


A human beings purpose is not a choice in terms of our nature, actions, and desires to know, love, and serve someone or something.  Everyone comes to know something or someone, love something or someone, and serve something or someone whether they like it or not.  It is our nature.  It is grossly absurd to force people to pay for a procedure that eliminates and denies man's whole purpose for living according to the Divine Author of life.  It is good that many religions are pro-life because they reflect the effectiveness of the establishment of religion clause in the first amendment to be a promoting force that enhances our very purpose for living together on this know, love, and serve the Lord.  

If one chooses to know, love, and serve something or someone opposed to the designs of the Author of life, no one forces them to deny their conscience or identity unless they become a danger to society.  There is no reason to force the faithful into supporting immoral practices which are detrimental to their relationship with the Lord.  The First Amendment provides all Americans with the freedom to fulfill their purpose for living...even if they choose to know, love, and serve themselves only. One will find that the virtuous try to steer clear from this type of behavior.  The religion of Christianity has always been a participant in life which keeps its aims on this virtue.

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