Vital Link Between the Laborer and the Needy

Posted by Eileen Miller on October 26, 2016 at 10:00 PM

"The bread of charity is life itself for the needy; he who withholds it is a man of blood.  He slays his neighbor who deprives him of his living; he sheds blood who deines the laborer his wages." (Sirach 34: 22,23)


You see here how God speaks of the needy and the laborer in one breadth.  Our economy must support them both without favoring one over the other.  There is a delicate balance to maintain our economic system that must be adhered to.  Our economic system is designed with the source of our prosperity as the engine where freedom is fostered for all legal citizens to make ethical and moral decisions based on common sense needs.  This engine or source provides the funds necessary for our government to work effectively by keeping it lean, balanced, ethical, and lawful.  Our source is the private sector and needs to be the strongest and largest entity in our system in order to grow any part of it, including the government.  Afterall, even the government can not function without a vital source.  So why do many liberals aim to overtax and over-regulate it?  A source that is overtaxed and over-regulated will not be able to support anything the right way, let alone maintain a balanced, ethical, and lawful approach to success.  Success comes from maintaining a well run engine, not necessarily being the best in everything.  A source that is successful on her own as well as spreading success to others who are peaceful neighbors or friends.  Our neighbors and friends can be needy or strong.

If we want to support the needy with the "bread of charity," we need a strong source.  In fact, a source should always be strengthened because it is the generating force to support all citizens, even the needy, through various means...even through charity or welfare programs.  The source of money for government welfare comes from the private sector.  It would be better if the private sector developed their own welfare programs that competed with each other without the government confiscating most of the money through red tape programs.  The private sector doesn't incentivize eternal dependance and single parenthood on its customers like the government does. The private sector incentivizes people to put more responsibility into their lives by expanding services and products that will be more efficient at finding all citizens what they need most.  Whether it be a good job, better day care, better schools, or more affordable cars and checking accounts, etc...

It must be very challenging to be a single parent on welfare.  I remember when I tried to work while I had my children in daycare and it was a pain in the neck.  The money I made all went back out the door to daycare.  I'm fortunate to be able to quit my job and stay at home while we raise our kids without being stuck on welfare.  What good was it for me to spend all my time working when I could be enjoying my children and raising them properly?  My career was not efficient at providing me a good salary as an incentive to keep working.  Plus...the amount of time I spent working took too much time away from my children.  It was becoming a waiste of time and my husband and I decided it would be better to homeschool the children.  When we were burdened with this, my husband's salary was a blessing but my career became a liability. A single mother doesn't have a married partner to support her and her children.  So she turns to the government as her "husband."  If she works forty hours a week, her children are neglected for too long usually. This makes her children easy prey for liberal brainwashing in government run schools.  Little does she know that most of the taxes collected for welfare from the private sector go to the government employees who run the disastrous governmental welfare system.  Therefore, the private sector is her real friend...not the government.  It only appears to be the government.

It is plain to see that one can not give to the needy nor provide jobs for the laborer at the same time if  our source which provides efficiency in products and services is weak. We need the efficiency of the private sector to provide single mothers with better jobs and better schools.  The government is inefficient.  A single mother will not receive efficiency from them. Therefore, when welfare recipients vote for a democrat, they are voting for more welfare money without the responsibility to provide for themselves with better products, services, and jobs in our economy.  Thus, they just turn to an inefficient government to give them less efficient products and services. The welfare recipients are digging themselves into a pit of "neediness" on an inefficient government because they've become accustomed to letting the government become their "husbands."  Believe me, one does not want to fall in love with crooks!


When speaking about the needy, it is good to reference this balancing act between the needy and the laborer.  Otherwise, one denies fair wages to the laborer when all they speak of is taking his/her wages through taxes to give to the needy.  After all, it is the laborer who can help support the needy.  Government employees do not accomplish much because they just spend all their time throwing money around to their various branches leading them in a vicious circle.  Nothing really ever gets done.  The private sector has the ability to meet the immediate needs of its customers in a direct and efficient manner.  I know government workers and hear this all the time.  Furthermore, when companies are efficient, their "workers" can be called employees.  "Workers" is a term used for progressives because they view the people who work for them to be like ants.


The government can not support the needy without the help of the private sector.  The private sector is where the government receives its finances through taxes.  The government can not produce its own funds. So why does the Obama administration work to oppress the private sector when it is filled with peace loving middle-class citizens that benefit our country and our government and can support the needy better?  This is not equality.  One should not favor people in one part...the government...over another vital part...the private sector.  The government has gotten too big and has been favored over the private sector in all Obuma's decisions.  We need both parts to make our economy strong while the source should always be put first.  The government must be limited to its power over citizens and must properly balance the link between the laborer and the needy. Why can't politicians explain this link between the laborer and the needy?  I think it would turn many of the thinking of those around who are too dependent on the government.


There are many smart and hard working citizens who need to have control of their own lives without the government burdening them with pharisee-like regulations.  The government should not be the only entity that comes up with ideas.  The ideas of this particular Obuma administration is intrinsically evil.  Putting all the power in the hands of leaders puts a burden on good citizens.


Good citizens are charitable to the needy without the government stealing too much from them in the form of taxes.  We are already at the tipping point in giving to the needy through inefficient programs.  If we continue to expand welfare and burden the private sector, the government will no longer have a source to tax.  In turn, the needy will not be able to rely on the government to provide a welfare program at all.  Why can't Mexican immigrants who vote democratic figure this out?  Can it be they do not perceive this link between laborers and the needy?  In order to support the needy, we have to have happy and healthy employees who hold good jobs.  Too many government jobs are waisteful and not needed to make our economy strong.


So you see, the source of sustinance for the welfare program comes from the private sector.  The needy should be taught this so that they know the source of their welfare payments needs to be strengthened.  They have to stop thinking the government needs to be strengthened because it is not the source.  We cannot destroy the source of our prosperity by soley relying on the government but must strengthen our private sector.  Policiticians need to establish this vital link between the needy and the laborer.

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