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Posted by Eileen Miller on August 14, 2012 at 10:40 PM

Story telling with NOL techniques can return us to one of the greatest elements to moral education.  The stories read to our children contain extrinsic value in that we learn from other characters what they value... outside of ourselves...whether virtue or vice.  When our children begin to form their own descriptions and opinions into sentences and paragraphs for their journals, they begin to apply their own learned and nurtured values to the story.  Afterwards, keywords are chosen and utilized to search for bible verses which help the story and/or process take on a positive intrinsic value of strengthening faith, loving others, staying safe, and infusing creativity into their thinking skills.  God's ways open up the door to freedom and limit the need to feel bogged down in details.

Let's face that our children will one day encounter characters in stories that "make no attempt to delineate character in a moral dilemma, have any ties to any social particularities (traditions, loyalties, locations, or histories), or leave to judgement the character's life not fully lived or mission incomplete."  (How to Teach Virtue: Why Telling Stories to our Children is the Best Kind of Character Education, William Kirk Kilpatrick)  It is a strange new way of teaching.  Parents have the ability in the moral treasure of Christian principles to put limits on flaws in stories presented today and into the future by infusing biblical realities and encounters in nurturing into story telling.  NOL techniques give parents an effective and enjoyable approach to present this moral treasure to their children while building up other beneficial skills of writing, communicating, and drawing at the same time.  Time can be valuable and this simple NOL process can ensure a fruitful outcome for children in a manageable block of time.

Positive intrinsic values through bible reading learn to be sought after and experienced in the child's thinking about the stories and in our every day life.  The bible becomes the authority or final word in any dilemma a story presents.  External values are still observed through good and/or bad behaviors from characters without your child feeling as though he has been given the authority to determine what is good and bad before he has learned it.  God has already told us what is good and our children need to apply this goodness to life events.  One of the closest paths to mirror life events for the very young is through story telling.  The NOL process trains our children to navigate toward the proper leaders and friends to emulate in life and navigate away from danger.

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