How I Learned Geography and Bless This House

Posted by Eileen Miller on October 16, 2012 at 3:20 PM

I just read How I Learned Geography by Uri Shulevitz and Bless This House by Leslie Staub and when they are read back to back shows a sharp contrast in the lives of the characters.  Both characters are young boys, one escaping the ravages of war torn Poland and the other in a comfortable suburb who does not lack food, books, and necessities.

One little boy suffers tremendously because his family lacks many comforts while the other boy is grateful for his family, house, and God's Creation through a charming prayer he recites before bedtime.  It was an awesome opportunity to introduce to my son how blessed we are here in America and that we should pray for those who suffer from the effects of war.  I would highly suggest reading these stories back to back.  They are not too long and are very interesting.  One can see the sharp contrasts in their lives by comparing the illustrations in the books.

Patrick verbalized his paragraphs for these two books and I chose bible verses from some of the keywords in his paragraphs.  Later, he will write his paragraphs and we will look up the verses in the bible together.  Below are the keywords:

Bless This House....(A boy is thankful through prayer.)

Keyword:  thankfulness

Col. 3:15-16

Keyword:  first

Matt. 6:33

Keyword:  prayer

Prov. 15:8

Keyword:  blessing

Ps. 37:26

Keyword:  Creation

Wis. 2:6

How I Learned Geography....(A family had to flee the effects of war.)

Keyword:  families

Gen. 12:3

Keyword:  flee

Ps. 68:2

Keyword:  hunger

Is. 49:10

Keyword:  bread

Lk. 22:19

Keyword:  grateful

Heb. 12:28

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