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Posted by Eileen Miller on February 9, 2010 at 5:29 PM

We were blessed with a wonderful opportunity to teach pre-schoolers through kindergarten children two dance and movement classes at a local dance studio.  My two daughters loved to assist me teaching the young girls.  My girls really learned how to be responsible and assist me in meeting the needs of these little angels. 


Today I told them that the money I made for teaching these classes never came before the service I provided to the little ones.  I told them that it is important that they do not focus on their own personal gain in their vocations but the ability to effectively serve others should be their main motivational force to succeed.  It is through serving others that real success and happiness comes to us. 


It was a real learning experience for my daughters that we gained so much from as we grow and learn from these memories.  Homeschooling allowed us to take advantage of this wonderful growth experience in our lives.  We talked about Balaam in 2 Peter 2:15 and how he fell in love with the money he could make by doing wrong.  "He was a man attracted to dishonest gain..." and let his selfish greed get the best of him.  Thinking of ourselves is not how Our Lord shows us how to live.  We must put others first as we did teaching the dance classes. 


Our classes of little dancers grew as more mothers learned of the good work we provided for their daughters.  The growth of students in our classes was a direct result of how we met the needs of all these children and not focused on how much profit we would gain from more members. 


We were doubly blessed because my young daughters were given this opportunity to work with children too.  It is a skill that is too often overlooked in our society.  My daughters really fell in love with our little students and enjoyed every minute teaching and assisting them.  I am grateful for the valuable experience they learned from this endeavor. 


As you go through your day, notice how others serve you when you are out and about with your children.  Comment on the positive and/or negative aspects to how people serve you.  Ofentimes, one can see if there is genuine care given in the service received from others.  Let it be a learning experience for your own children!

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