Grateful for Homeschooling

Posted by Eileen Miller on June 18, 2013 at 3:05 PM

We have been so blessed to be able to make the important decisions in all five of our childrens' educational needs here in America.  As I sit here, I think of the German family trying to homeschool their children in their home country and have had to escape due to their country's hostility toward homeschooling.  The American government is not granting this family asylum to live and teach their children here.

Wait...our governement will let millions of illegal immigrants in to receive hand outs and vote but keep a family devoted to virtue  and hard work out?  What is this world coming to?  All I know is our children have greatly benefitted from their homeschool years and to deny them this is to deny them happiness and opportunity in the midst of a free society.

My oldest son graduated salutatorian from his Catholic high school and my oldest daughter is on the honor role at her Catholic high school.  My children were homeschooled up until ninth grade and their transition into official private school life was a breeze!!  While they were young being homeschooled, I had every opportunity to sit a talk with them teaching them virtuous concepts in everything they encountered in life.  God's Word and prayer were central to every day's activities.

I distinctly rememeber sitting at the kitchen table teaching science to my sons and we laughed for hours on end.  We would talk about philosophy...always pointing to God's Creation as the source of our scientific pursuits.  I developed a questioning technique in science just like my journal writing technique.  The boys would have to come up to the easle to write out their answers.

I recall the years with my daughters who helped me teach toddlers a dance and movement class at our local dance studio.  They were so cute when we arrived at the studio because they would sit and play at the front desk before class started in the dance room.  They were pretending to manage the studio.  I thing they were in kindergarten and third grades at the time.  I would teach them all about customer service and meeting the needs of the children.  They were so good at helping me.  When I became too pregnant, I would call out the steps and they would perform the movements for the children.  There are tons of opportunities to be involved with in homeschooling.

I remember teaching my journal writing class at our homeschool co-op.  It was a group of well behaved young people.    I remember being blessed to coordinate the children's petitions for the Mass and coordinate their participation at the Mass at this co-op.  It really was a joy to help out.  I was even able to teach my dance and movement class to my son's homeschool co-op class.  I have fond memories of playing a game I invented with groups of homeschooled boys.  It was wonderful to see some of them advance from being poor sports to having good sportsmanship when it comes to winners and losers.  I loved teaching American history to a group of middle schoolers because I went on a quest for the truth.  Wherever the truth reigns, learning is fun.  I remember having wonderful fellowhip with other homeschool moms.  So you goes on and on.

Our governement is denying so much to this family by not granting them asylum.  Homeschooling is a beautiful way of life.  There is no one who is more qualified to teach their children than their own parents.

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