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NOL Enhancement Package - 8 Classes

Virtues to learn in NOL Journal Writing – Kindergarten through Fourth Grade

Good decisions

Inviting others

Expressing sorrow

Encouraging others

Admitting mistakes


Gratitude (thankfulness)



Acknowledging Christ

Team work

Not attempting too much at one time (Avoid Vice called greed or selfishness)

Manners at table




Good friends



Diligent (steady, earnest, energetic application and effort)

Strength in weakness

Hard worker

Good listener

Commitment to serve others

Contentment with what one has (near Thanksgiving)

God’s love lasts forever (John 8:12 “Light of the world”) – near Christmas

Spreading the good news - (near Christmas)


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Tutorial Services


Only $45.00 one time fee to tutor your kids once and have access to teacher feedback for a month.  It is your progress toward virtue which NOL’s main goal is dependant on.  Therefore, the Enhancer can start parents on this quest to instill virtue into their children while seeing real progression in academic abilities.  A tutoring session’s goal is for the Enhancer of the lesson to be a model for the parent to get them started learning NOL’s approach to Summary Analysis & Composition. The feedback supplies you with the techniques that were utilized to develop a students journal entry.  As stated earlier, the main goal for tutorial services is to get parents started in applying NOL techniques to the educational formation of their own children. 

Benefits to Tutorial Services w/ User Support for one month and access to teacher feedback:

1)  Oftentimes, it is the child who helps direct the lesson that is taught.  As an Enhancer for NOL, the needs of the child are put first and foremost.  A parent can observe the tutoring session and learn the various techniques used by NOL to present to their children.

2)  Homeschoolers can be pulled in many different directions at one time and there are numerous subjects to teach.  The tutoring session helps you create time and space to attain objectives that encompass goals in English, Composition, Vocabulary, Spelling, Penmanship, (For those interested in the Classical approach this breaks down to:  oral narration with comprehension, sharpening mental capacities, copywork, memorization, hearing, listening, & sequencing) Art, and Christianity all in one lesson in an enjoyable format for your children and can branch into other subjects (Science, History, Math, etc.) depending on the material utilized in creating an entry.

3)  As an Enhancer for NOL, I ask questions that are pertinent to your child gaining a sense of IDENTITY as a CHILD OF GOD by associating themselves with the love of Christ that grows in their hearts.  Conversations flow toward your child developing a strong relationship with Christ especially when a WFV entry is accomplished successfully.

4)  Children will learn to PRIORITIZE by putting God FIRST in their own lives.  Light research skills can incorporate virtuous concepts or biblical truths which can develop their academic abilities later as a beneficial foundation on which to build rhetorical and reasoning skills.

5)  At NOL, the family is always a priority.  TEAMWORK is stressed in your child’s dealings with others.  Family unity is strengthened.  A child may have trouble finding happiness in life if they can’t find it at home.

6)  As an Enhancer for NOL, I would foster a sense of CONFIDENCE to emerge in your child.  It is not a false confidence in having achieved something to impress someone else or seeks attention.  It will be a confidence based on an inner peace that comes from knowing and following Christ.  The goal is an inner SERENITY. 

7)  An Enhancer can actually become a trusting member of the child’s extended family.

8)  An Enhancer fosters the parent/child relationship by highlighting parental love already nurtured in the child as a model to base life’s challenges on if the opportunity presents itself.  The parent/child relationship is usually strengthened when God is at the center of learning.

9) An Enhancer/Parent relationship opens up dialogue as everyone has a part in the development of the child.  This relationship can make the Enhancer a partner with the parent in the child’s development with God at the center of their child’s vision for life and the parent as their primary educator.  Opinions and desires of parents are listened and adhered to when they see a real need to reach their child’s mastery of a task. 

10)  NOL Enhancers attempt to adhere to the teachings of the Great John Paul II.  He was a man with a keen and virtuous vision for life.    Thank you. .